Search for studies by exact classification on Gateway to Research

Searching for Research Council and Innovate UK’s funded studies on the publicly accessible website, Gateway to Research, has now become easier thanks to a new filter feature.

Once users have searched for their topic of interest, they can now filter their result by its exact classification (research topic, health categories and RCUK programmes).

The new function can be found under the new ‘Classifications’ tab, which also enables users to search for MRC-funded studies filtered by health categories, and all other funders’ (except Innovate UK and NC3Rs) projects by research topic and RCUK programme classification data (Newton and GCRF).

The ability to search for classifications has been provided to give an insight into grants that are from similar areas that may be of interest to the user, however, care should be taken if using these classifications for comparative analysis purposes as the source, coverage and level of usage of the classifications varies significantly across the Gateway to Research funders.

To keep updated with new changes on Gateway to Research and how they work, see the ‘Release History’ page which can be found in the top blue navigation bar.

We would like to hear what you think about the new Classification tab so please send your feedback to us using

Ability to select and download multi-facet information on Gateway to Research

A new functionality has just been released in Gateway to Research which allows users to select and download multiple facets from the same category and across different categories. This is achieved by making a selection from the options listed within each category and clicking on the ‘Apply filter’ button at the top of the page. This will return the numbers for the selections that have information against them. Further refining can be done to the existing selection if the user requires more exact information by clicking on mire options and using the Apply Filter button. To begin a new search against the entire data within a tab, click on the ‘Clear All’ button and this will return the user to the complete data set for that tab. A useful guide on how this works can be found here

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Gateway to Research downloading outcome information via the CSV functionality

We have listened to our users (via the survey) and have now included the ability to download outcome information using the CSV functionality on the RCUK Gateway to Research. Similar to other result pages, users will now be able to click on the CSV button from an individual outcome type result page and download the information. It is not possible to download outcome data across different types in single download due to the large variance in field types between outcomes.

Please let us know if you have found this latest functionality useful using to send us your feedback.

Gateway to Research – 2016 Research Outcomes data

The 2016 outcomes data submitted in Researchfish during the submission period (1 February – 10 March 2016) has now been published on Gateway to Research.

The submission rate for researchers was 95% and for students it was 78% with over 346,000 new attributions made. RCUK would like to thank the research organisations, researchers and students for their efforts during the 2016 submission period.


Visit to view the latest published data.

Gate way to Research – Innovate UK Project Participant values

The most recent Gateway to Research system release publishes the breakdown of Innovate UK’s project participant values. This new information can be found on the Organisation tab of Innovate UK projects only.

Two new columns are being displayed called, ‘Project Cost’ and ‘Grant Offer’. The values being published under these headings are defined as follows:

  • Project Cost: Total Cost of Project including Grant Values and Project Participant Contributions
  • Grant Offer: Total Grant issued to each Project Participant

The API, GtR-2, has been updated to version 4. This now includes the outcome and project participant information.

Gateway to Research Individual Outcome Search functionality

It is now possible to search for individual outcome information within Gateway to Research via the main search field on the homepage. This will return a list of single outcome results on a page similar to the existing tabs i.e. Projects, Publications, People and Organisations. So when a keyword is entered into the search field, the results page will now include a new tab called ‘Outcomes’ after the ‘Organisations’ tab. This will show the number of occurrences of the respective keyword/s which a user has typed in across the system.

Similar to other pages in Gateway to Research, the result page can be refined using the list of options available down the right hand side of the page. Clicking on the ‘Outcomes’ tab will return the user to their previous filter setting again similar to other pages.

The new page will display the outcome type, the attributing project title, the funder, the attributing project abstract and the information submitted in Researchfish.

The search result displays instances of the keyword that has occurred within a set number of default and non-default fields.

It is not yet possible to download the individual outcomes information a CSV document, this capability will be delivered at a later date. However Outcome information is available within the APIs.

Gateway to Research Pop-up survey

A new pop-up survey has been introduced into the Gateway to Research system. The main aim of the survey is to capture general information about the users of the portal to help us ensure it meets their needs.

The survey will ask a small number of questions, such as which sector the user works in and how frequently they visit the site.

The final page of the survey includes a link to a more detailed survey for users to participate in should they wish, which has been live on the Gateway to Research website since October 2015.

Gateway to Research (GtR) – Studentship information

We are pleased to announce that Studentship information is finally being published on RCUK Gateway to Research. This comprises of data from AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, NC3Rs, NERC and STFC.

In keeping with the communication that was sent out to Research Organisations in September 2015, the data being published is restricted to Training grants and Studentships that started on or after 1 February 2015.

Studentship data will be refreshed on a monthly basis in line with project information. So any information submitted via the Je-S student data portal in between refreshes will be published after the next refresh.

There are no ESRC studentship records on GtR at this time because the last cohort of ESRC training grants were awarded before 1 February 2015

We are now working on publishing historic studentship data on GtR with the aim to complete this in March 2016.

Updated Information in Gateway to Research (GtR)

GtR data from the Research Councils and Innovate UK source systems has been updated. Project information is now up to date as of data provided to 18 Sept 2014.

MRC and STFC Research Outcomes data displayed on GtR from Research Fish is up to date as of data provided to 21 October 2014. AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC and NERC Research Outcome data collected on ROS and displayed on GtR is up to date as of data provided to March 2014.

GtR will be updated again in the early new year and then on a more regular basis, including Research Outcomes data for all Research Councils from Research Fish.

Latest news on the RCUK Gateway to Research

Studentship information – Update

The team has been working hard to get the student project information that we hold into the system as planned but we have since identified some important data protection issues that need resolution, along with some outstanding technical issues, to ensure faithful transfer of data to the RCUK Gateway to Research (GtR) website.

A letter has been sent out to Vice Chancellors giving a short update of our plans for including PhD student project information in GtR and to ask them to remind their supervisors, research students and third party research partners that data submitted by their organisation to the Research Councils will be published in GtR.

We will of course continue to update you on progress via this blog.

Calling all CERIF API Users

If you use CERIF API you will no doubt be aware that, owing to other priorities, the data has not been updated for a while.  We are evaluating the requirement to maintain this API and would like to hear from users to understand its current and future usage. Please email us at if you currently use or plan to use the CERIF API.

You can also check out GtR for more information about alternative API’s.

GtR down-time

On Thursday, July 17, 2014, between 3 and 4pm, we plan to take the GtR system down to do some essential housekeeping updates on the portal. We apologise for any inconvenience for this brief suspension in service.