Search for studies by exact classification on Gateway to Research

Searching for Research Council and Innovate UK’s funded studies on the publicly accessible website, Gateway to Research, has now become easier thanks to a new filter feature.

Once users have searched for their topic of interest, they can now filter their result by its exact classification (research topic, health categories and RCUK programmes).

The new function can be found under the new ‘Classifications’ tab, which also enables users to search for MRC-funded studies filtered by health categories, and all other funders’ (except Innovate UK and NC3Rs) projects by research topic and RCUK programme classification data (Newton and GCRF).

The ability to search for classifications has been provided to give an insight into grants that are from similar areas that may be of interest to the user, however, care should be taken if using these classifications for comparative analysis purposes as the source, coverage and level of usage of the classifications varies significantly across the Gateway to Research funders.

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2 thoughts on “Search for studies by exact classification on Gateway to Research

  1. Hello,

    is there a function to search for the publications that are associated with a specific project that was funded (at least partially) publicly?
    In particular, I’m interested in the project Structures Technology Maturity (SteM), link:

    Thanks, and best wishes,

    • Hi Laura – thanks, I understand colleagues have been in touch directly, responding to your most recent email regarding this.

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