Gateway to Research Pop-up survey

A new pop-up survey has been introduced into the Gateway to Research system. The main aim of the survey is to capture general information about the users of the portal to help us ensure it meets their needs.

The survey will ask a small number of questions, such as which sector the user works in and how frequently they visit the site.

The final page of the survey includes a link to a more detailed survey for users to participate in should they wish, which has been live on the Gateway to Research website since October 2015.

1 thought on “Gateway to Research Pop-up survey

  1. My first visit to GTR – on a link from a tweet by the PI. Useful idea. Nice. ONE SUGGESTION, though:

    One question is “was your visit useful?”. Hard to answer because the popup interrupts within a second of my arrival on the site/page! Surveys which wait until one leaves can surely get better answers to this Q.

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