Gateway to Research – new enhancements!

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The latest updates made to Gateway to Research, including improved search functionality and API improvements, are as follows:


  • When searching by Grant Reference only (using Advanced Search), the search term is no longer case sensitive. Searching for AH/L006022/1 or ah/L006022/1 amount to the same search. The results will contain any exact or similar Grant References, with exact matches at the top.
    Should you wish to search for exact matches only, contain the Grant Reference within double quotes like this “AH/L006022/1
  • On the Publications Tab (in the Search Results), the following new facets have been added allowing you to refine your search further e.g. if you only want to see publications of a particular type, for a particular year or from a particular funder.
    • Type
    • Year
    • Funder

These facets are visible on the right hand of the page,

  • On the Organisations Tab (in the Search Results), a new facet has been added allowing you to refine your search further by Region.

This facet is visible on the right hand of the page.


  • GTR1 API has new optional element ‘gtr:typeInd’ in the ‘gtr:leadResearchOrganisation’ structure that can be set to ‘P’ or ‘RO’.
  • GTR1 API has new Organisation Role names of LEAD_PARTICIPANT and PARTICIPANT.
  • GTR2 API has new Link Relation of ‘PARTICIPANT_ORG’

Note: API Users may want to download the new XMLSchema, which applies only to GTR1 API.


When you are viewing Technology Strategy Board data you will see the following changes:

  • On the Project page TSB Projects have title ‘Lead Participant’ (previously ‘Lead Research Organisation’)
  • On the Organisation Tab you will now see Participant Organisations indicated by the word ‘Participant’.

Events – The word is spreading…

Gateway to Research has been raising awareness about the website at recent events.


  • Dr Steve Harris from BAE Systems speaking at the Inter-Company Academic Relations (ICARG) meeting
  • Promotion at UKRO’s 30 year anniversary event in Brussels


More dates for your diary – look out for Gateway to Research at other events to be announced shortly.