Gateway to Research data refresh – November 2013

By Aja Marriott, GtR Communications Officer. 

It’s been a while since we have blogged as we have been extremely busy making improvements to GtR in time for the official launch which we can now announce will take place at the House of Commons on the 4th December. The Minister for Universities and Science the Rt Hon David Willetts will be hosting the event which will give a wide range of users the opportunity to view the website and listen to short presentations from the Minister, Prof Dave Delpy, CEO of EPSRC, and Dr Steve Harris of BAE Systems.

We are also very happy to announce that data from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has now been included with the refresh which took place on the 15th November!

This refresh contains:

  1. RCUK data cleaned and refreshed to 20th October 2013
  2. Improvements to the User Interface and search options
  3. Intramural research projects included for 4 Research Councils running research institutes and facilities (BBSRC, MRC, NERC, STFC)
  4. Full range of outcomes types (collaboration, research materials, products and interventions, spinouts, further funding, dissemination, key findings, intellectual property, impact summary, impact on summary)
  5. Fuller range of attributes for these outcome types
  6. Pre-2006 projects included for MSC
  7. Changes to the GtR API and introduction of a new GtR-2 API

In two weeks’ time we will expect to release some additional items of data and a refresh of the Portal User Interface to better support accessibility and improve usability (especially on mobile and tablet devices).

An updated API document can be found here:

A technical summary of the GTR-2 API, released to the GTR Beta system in November 2013, can be found here: