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  1. any research being done on stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis of knees.
    I am interested in this as a subject

  2. I am the Project Manager of the NIVMS (Non-intrusive Vehicle monitoring System) project which is being developed as a collaboration between Autotrip Ltd and E-Car Club.
    This project is supported by InnovateUK.

    I had a couple of question regarding this:

    We have a page on the RCUK site (
    At the moment it has very little information. Is it possible for us to add details to that page like the people working on it and a few details about the project itself.

    Secondly as a part of the Q2 deliverables, we would like to publish some ideas and results. Would you have a forum/ blog / publication / media where some of our ideas can be published.

    • Thank you for your comment. As this is quite a specific query I have forwarded your request onto Innovate UK and have asked them to respond to your query directly.

  3. I am trying to use the GtR API and I’m interested in the submission date of the grants. Currently, all the grants seem to have the same submission date, specifically under the attribute “created”. Is there anything that I’ve missed?

    • Hi Natalie – as this is quite specific I will refer your inquiry to the GtR team and ask them to respond directly.

  4. Hello,

    I am inquiring about project 751451, silver recovery from x ray and dry view film.

    Please send some information or contacts.



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