Gateway to Research – latest news!

The latest updates made to Gateway to Research (GtR) include classification information from the RCUK Research Classification System and the Health Research Classification System (HRCS).

You will notice that we have now included the Technology Strategy Board Logo on our Home Page. Clicking on the TSB or RCUK logo will take you the Home Page of the respective website, while clicking on Gateway to Research will take to the Gateway to Research Home Page.

A warning message is now displayed which recommends accessing GtR using a modern browser for the best results for viewing GtR information on your screen.


Classifications from two research classification systems have been made available and can be viewed on the project overview page. It is not currently possible to search or filter by any classification on the User Interface.

  • RCUK Research Classification System

Note: The RCUK classification system is not used by all funders included in GTR so will not be available for all projects.

  • Health Research Classification System (HRCS)

Note: HRCS covers health related projects funded by MRC.

Update for API Users

API1 and API2 have both been updated to reflect the changes made to GtR and further information can be found in GtR API Changes April 2014.

The CERIF API has NOT been updated to reflect the above changes.

Note: API Users may want to download the new API1 XML Schema or the new API2 XML Schema.