Celebrations all the way…

By Geeny George Shaju, Communications Manager RCUK India 

As RCUK India turns five this November and is gearing up for celebrating its anniversary, it can’t get any bigger or better with the whole of India ready for celebrations as well!

Traditional Indian lamp with floral decoration - Courtesy: UK in India

Traditional Indian lamp with floral decoration – Courtesy: UK in India

Why? It’s Diwali – The festival of lights.

The run up to every celebration is often a mix of planning, excitement, wanting to make the most of it; sprinkled with chaos. The streets of New Delhi (or any other place in India) are perfect examples of this beautiful mayhem, with lanes and houses all decoratively lit up; sweets and presents everywhere and an overall air of festivity.

For RCUK India celebrations have just doubled, with festivity outside the office and preparations for our 5th anniversary inside. But does it sound like all play and no work for us? Certainly not. We’re a team of six in RCUK India and in partnership with the UK’s Science and Innovation Network, the British High Commission are hosting a series of events to mark our anniversary.

Celebrations are synonymous with “bringing together” and RCUK India’s 5th anniversary celebration is all about bringing together the best from both the UK and India.

The celebration will showcase the strengths of UK-India research partnership, especially those built over the last five years with RCUK India pivotal role in facilitating these collaborations. It’s an eventful week offering great networking opportunity to the senior stakeholders, policy makers and the research communities from both the UK and India.

The week begins with a plenary session on 12th November, where key policy makers from the UK and Indian funding agencies will talk about their priorities and plans for the future. The week will also hold a series of roundtable discussions, a networking reception, bilateral meetings and a high-level policy dialogue. The topics for the roundtable discussions are based on India’s 12th Five Year Plan and fitting with the UK research strength. These, therefore, will help pave the way for future collaboration between the UK and India.

So Diwali and RCUK India’s 5th anniversary have a lot in common – celebrations, gaiety, looking forward to a future of prosperity and great partnership.

Wishing all a Happy Diwali and Happy Birthday to RCUK India.

For further information about any of these events or to register your interest in attending, please email rcuk.india@rcuk.ac.uk